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Krups Diffuser complete with hose and clamp collar.

Part Number: MS-622854, MS-622277

Brand: Krups

Mod.: XP224030/1P0, XP521010/1P3, XP521030/1P3, XP521040/1P3, XP522010/1P1, XP522010/1P2, XP522010/1P3, XP522030/1P1, XP522030/1P2, XP522030/1P3, XP522040/1P1, XP522040/1P2, XP522040/1P3, XP522050/1P1, XP522050/1P2, XP522050/1P3, XP524010/1P1, XP524010/1P2, XP524010/1P3, XP524030/1P1, XP524030/1P2, XP524030/1P3, XP524040/1P1, XP524040/1P2, XP524040/1P3, XP524050/1P1, XP524050/1P2, XP524050/1P3, XP5240AR/1P0, XP5240AR/1P1, XP5240AR/1P2, XP5240AR/1P3, XP5240FR/1P1, XP5240FR/1P2, XP5240FR/1P3, XP525010/1P2, XP525010/1P3, XP528010/1P1, XP528010/1P2, XP528010/1P3, XP528030/1P1, XP528030/1P2, XP528030/1P3, XP528040/1P1, XP528040/1P2, XP528040/1P3, XP528050/1P1, XP528050/1P2, XP528050/1P3, XP5280AU/1P1, XP5280AU/1P2, XP5280FR/1P1, XP5280FR/1P2, XP5280FR/1P3, XP562010/1P0, XP562030/1P0, XP562040/1P0, XP562050/1P0, XP563010/1P0

Krups Diffuser complete with hose and clamp collar.

  • Brand: KRUPS
  • Product Code: 52330
  • 45.40лв.